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Space Objects

04.08.2016 to 14.08.2016
16 Uhr-20 Uhr Mi-So
Vernissage 04.08.2016 18 Uhr Do

The work of Nando and Marcel, explores traditional mediums through postmodern interpretations. Playful compositions of floating objects and forms deceive space perception. They tease and spin historical origins which open novel territories beyond rational understanding.

Flat surfaces of canvas and compositions are exposed in unpredictable and rhythmic ways through color and object.  Through treating real surfaces and historical pigments as structural elements, new metaphors and myths become possible. 

Perspective is manipulated through odd assemblages of plastic objects and surreal forms which create their own strange nature.  Nando’s layered still lifes suggest compiled modern existence of all pasts, presents, and futures. Marcel questions the nature of the picture with the process of painting with accurate intentionality.