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Peppy reinterpretation of traditional mediums, watchful techniques for uncontrolled gestures, the canvas shuns its assumed place and ranges its possibilities. 


Marcel works with illusory naivety on his medium conveying nimble and accurate compositions. His procedure starts with pondered traditional techniques, building the canvas and preparing the surface, and continues with fast, unpredictable and instinctive series of gestures. He lets the paint to be painted, playing with architectural suggestions and treating the canvas as an unlimited and unconditioned space. He objectifies his paintings as virtual extensions of the real world, exploring the freedom and the infinite sculptural possibilities of the medium. 

Marcel graduated with a Master degree in Fine Arts at the Institut Kunst FHNW HGK in Basel, after his studies in Graphic Design. He participated into several group shows in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Mexico, as well as various solo exhibitions (sometimes as part of Juice & Rispetta). Marcel lives between Zürich and Bienne, and he is designer for Atelyeah.