intimately exuberant, serious yet silly, an existence filled with affectionate detail


sparkling creativity, outrageous thinking, truth seeking, and raw vulnerability


accessible, introspective, and a sensitive depth of cultural commitment


Meticulous and curious, her quiet observation leads to endless discoveries of the intimate realm. 


Playful, skillful, thoughtful and open. A skater of mountains, surfer of oceans and an illustrator of our nature culture.

invisible biology, aggregated with natural human manipulations


sky, stones, flowers, process, intuition and dexterity


Intimate realism, affectionately detached esthetic, constantly oscillating between content and identity. 


cartographer of desires, adventurer of the slopes, admirer of the mountains, and visual storyteller  

dally, snap, muse, snap, ponder, snap, pursue, snap, surmise, snap


spontaneous rupture, space distortion and unintended consequence

Hand made, calm, careful, conscientious, a single line, many dots, strange shapes, depict details of everyday and dream of what is. 

Frisky and nimble, thorough and sagacious. Multiple mediums for a coherent introspection. 


Meticulous, accurate, dexterous. The softness of silk paper, the burden of patience.


Surreal compositions, plastic assemblages, an altered fragmented perception of our post-internet space. 


Peppy reinterpretation of traditional mediums, watchful techniques for uncontrolled gestures, the canvas shuns its assumed place and ranges its possibilities. 


Pensive, profound, pragmatic and sensitive, calm but frisky, interdisciplinary and cohesive, different mediums for different approaches to live in this world.

visionary, delicately organic, and bemused oddities


Between concrete and diffuse, representable and perceived, sublime and lowly, enthralled with reductions of the form in order to get the strongest gestures.


White spots between words, playful interventions, sensitive symbols, artificial and handmade characters, an image, an idea, conveyed through visual conventions.

Quirky, sensitive, detailed, off beat, bright and directed, uncanny compositions and multiple strings of reality. 

Fictitious spaces, heterotopias, built installations, multi-dimensionality, images, reality, actuality: “in essence, it’s pictures about pictures”.