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Denis Twerenbold


White spots between words, playful interventions, sensitive symbols, artificial and handmade characters, an image, an idea, conveyed through visual conventions.

An obvious trickster in search of a perfect practice, Denis emerges from a multiple disciplined history which zigzags through interests and memories. His work is non linear yet he clearly has a destination. He layers methodically, by constantly adding elements which blur and meld images both real and unreal. This layering is intended to obscure the entry point for the viewer so they go around, go deeper and look in between. Slow, repetitive movements and handcrafted elements lead to mixed medium works which evoke childhood, fiction, and varied realities. A sensitive and shy intuition guides him in his quest “real” truth.

Denis, was born in Hünerberg, Switzerland. He holds two Bachelor’s Degrees, Photography from Zürich University of the Arts as well as Sinology from the University of Zürich. He spent a semester abroad with the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China as well as received the CRUS scholarship ( the rector’s conference of Swiss Universities) to attend Ocean University of China, Quigdao, Shandong Province.