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Anina Yoko Gantenbein


Intimate realism, affectionately detached esthetic, constantly oscillating between content and identity. 


Anina’s practice condenses together the multifaceted shades in between play and drama, poetry and realism, intimacy and detachment. Her photographies vibrate of esthetically balanced dispositions, and a quite raw curiosity. Anina experimented her graceful capacity to generate organic forms, shaping her imagination with natural metaphors and conferring them to her environment. Through the universality of her esthetic touch, she conveys the depth and need of depicting individuality. 

Anina lives and works in Zürich. She started to visualize and compose thanks to Herman Hesse and Nature’s shapes. She studied photography at ZHdK, where her innate sense of beauty has been challenged to further conceptualization. She collaborates on various projects with her partner Brigham Baker, and she is currently studying Pedagogy.