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Wood Skin

21.07.2016 to 31.07.2016
Mi - So: 16 - 20h
Vernissage 20.7.,18.00h

Sasha's & Myriam's work lead down unknown forest paths, create new myths, and refresh both personal and collective narratives.

Sasha delves into multiple worlds and explores how the body and the mind recall a connection to the nature through the digital environment. If the forest is the first level of the
universe, the earthly cosmos, how do we shape the awareness of existence of other spaces, or more accurately other universes? Her skycrackmoonoxselfsunstarsticksnagstumpsealsnagrockkingcranetree - forest -  is a shelter for the imagination. The fragility of existence in such an environment is marked by dual narration and robotic voices. Lessons from the forest is about finding and losing oneself in an ever-expanding universe.

The physical forest, Myriams's forest, is aware of our wild origin. It touches us, envelopes us, permeates us, and leaves us restless. Another world in which we are saving ourselves in order to go back.  Myriam's creativity flourishes through multiple varieties of the tree. Her sculptures are cultivated as completely unproductive breeds, yet she prepares the ground and the selection of new more robust possibilities. Almost a totem-like-quality that affirms the relationship between humans and nature while participating in a shared existence.