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08.12.2016 to 18.12.2016
Mi - So: 16 - 20h
Vernissage 07.12.,18.00h

What is a question?

If one could only catch oneself in the act of questioning it may shift the way we answer to the world.

Agnès Wyler's latest body of work serves as a bridge, a precarious passage from one to the other, from familiar to foreign, from feminine to masculine, and from animal to human. An act of constant negotiation between two shores and one, which can be violent and treacherous or ecstatic and transcendent. Her line drawings and sculptures embody this subtle and tenuous dialogue and set the stage for Kulturfolger's final explorative discourse of 2016.

Please join us for a very special evening on December 18th at 18 Uhr moderated by Daniel Morgenthaler with Agnès Wyler, Kulturfolger and participating artists sharing thoughts, observations, experiences. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to catch ourselves in the act of answering what is a question?