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The Oratory

17.06.2016 to 26.06.2016
Mi-So, 16 bis 20 Uhr
Vernissage 16.6., 18 Uhr

In his photographs, Jyrgen narrates the realm of reality and fiction to envision possibilities of constructive intervention. A sense of the uncanny is emitted in his spatial installation through series of overlapping space and images. This creates a vertigo of images which dissolve reality,  and in essence is a play of doubling, or our own duality, where the other is, strangely enough, experienced as a replica of the self- all the more fearsome because of the apparent sameness.

Intervening in the totality of space to disorient and open up new scenarios, the room becomes a photographic theatre, where two-dimensionality translates into the three-dimensionality. The picture is still, but alive and multifaceted, and at the same time, it merges various perspectives, by crossing static nature and multiplying time-frames.

The space becomes the mirror of the subjects occupying it, and creates parallelisms and analogies to the complexity of the characters. Images and emotions are strictly connected, and invite viewers to walk within the image and live the scene.