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10.11.2016 to 20.11.2016
Mi - So: 16 - 20h
Vernissage 09.11.,18.00h


In laboratories, science attempts to reproduce natural phenomena to better define the outside world; yet often the reproductions occur indoors.  An artist challenges what is given, without blind faith in a specific hypothesis and potentially with unknown impacts.  Can art then provoke science? With attentive, courteous, and diligent observation of natural processes, ingenious experiments of the 'artificial can also occur in the studio.


Baggenstos and Rudolf facilitate a swarm of bioluminescent forest fungus, Armillaria, which flickers and then disappears, only momentarily dispelling the surrounding darkness. In the giddiness of night, each takes refuge in their personal glimmer and underground network of wood. The darkness is, in their metaphor, the domain of the slow and almost imperceptible phenomenon that passes unnoticed by individuals tromping above.

How do we actually discover the world? or do we invent it? Perhaps, we discover in order to invent, and we invent in order to discover. This loop of inquiry has produced a solarium made of glowing fungus. Do you trust nature enough to be enveloped with its glowing rays?