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Gnudi (Ananastauben)

14.09.2016 to 31.12.2016
Mi - So: 16 - 20h
Vernissage 14.09.,18.00h

All Hail to multispecies! All Hail to Gnudi (Ananastauben)! A three-eyed, neon, fearless, natural, artificial, four-dimensional, superflat, sun-gazing, rain-absorbing, air-cuddling, Osiris, Shiva, Ophanim, Azrael, perfect, never finished, playful, lighthearted - the ultimate symbol of transformation, an expected monkey wrench with an unexpected kick of spunk.

Gnudi (Ananastauben) is a new kind of human species, talented to consume and to nutshell all your information at high speeds.

Roll out will be at 20.00 uhr, don't miss it

CKÖ monkey wrench surprise with Peter Hauser's Vanity Fair