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What is a garden, according to Foucault? (DE)

Garden is one of the heterotopic spaces where the whole world comes to accomplish its symbolic perfection. The garden provides an image of the world, a space of simulation for paradise-like conditions, a place of otherness where dreams are realized in an expression of a better world. Therefore, garden itself is part of this territorial structure and at the same time his reflection. It is a part of an inseparable whole of the city and country that is subject to a total order that is reasonable and beautiful. The garden represents the victory of culture over nature, the dominion of mind over emotion. A manicured heterotopia? 

Jyrgen’s Symmetrical Garden, deals with constructing and deconstructing nature by architecture. For him, garden is a microcosm, representing world’s totality. It is also a play of different perceptions of nature, real interior views and exterior views, merging into single image. This simultaneous awareness of blurred boundaries, provokes bipolarity of concepts such as “beauty” in nature (whether we think here about polished or sublime, ecstatic types of nature)  and the “force of nature”, or its unexpected, dark side. 

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