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Agnès Wyler


sparkling creativity, outrageous thinking, truth seeking, and raw vulnerability


Art, which Agnès deems an unsafe place, has consumed her all of her life. She paints sophisticated reflections, in which nothing escapes her deeply rooted need of understanding, constant questioning, and desire to go further. This results in a multitude of series from abstract circles, grid like interpretations, line drawings, color blocks, mountains, to figures and faces dancing between our animal and human worlds. The absolute breadth of Agnès' practice, as well as her philosophical concerns, come forth as a strong and unitarian voice which raises questions on art and society. 


Agnès studied Philosophy at Lausanne University and Art in the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. She is constantly producing work, painting, sculpturing, and shaping thoughts. She never stops questioning the world and reality, making of her practice an ever ending instrument for critical thinking. She lives and works in Zürich, and has exhibited in various galleries and institutions, like Haus Konstruktiv in Zürich, all over Switzerland and abroad since 1988. Her most recent exhibition took place in Helmhaus, Zürich. She taught at F+F art school in Zürich, and her art work was featured in several publications, as well as it is part of numerous collections.