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Palace Hotel's Alpine

Segantini’s symbolism expresses what we can’t grasp with sight in nature. 

The natural introspection one faces during the long winters in Engadina, the intrepidness of the painting gesture, everything in Segantini's paintings brings one to redefine the boundaries between everyday and forever, peace and boredom, simplicity and completeness, naturalness and artificiality.

Giovanni Segantini, was born in Italy in 1858, but lived almost for all his life in Engadina, a Swiss region close to the border. 

Giovanni Segantini had a very special, and at the same time very normal life. His paintings report traces of Divisionst painting style, even though the artists was not really updated with painting trends of the time, as he lived mostly isolated in the mountains. 

The pictorial images portrayed by Giovanni Segantini, leaves one with an idyllic and untraceable idea of the Alps.

In his everyday scenes, one finds that lost bucolic atmosphere with its innate simplicity and completeness. Not only talking about his pictorial gestures, extremely pondered and skillful, his compositions seep of intimacy, introspection and avant guard painting.