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Talking about bioluminescence, countless scientific studies and researches have been developed through time. Lately, the research field expanded to the domain of art for the endless wonder this phenomenon evokes. 

"In the terrestrial environment, bioluminescence is less abundant than in the sea. Nevertheless, it is found in a variety of different organisms including bacteria, fungi, mollusks, arthropods and annelids. It is possible that more luminescent species than we imagine are hidden in the interfaces between soil and humus, or inside decayed logs, where the darkness is as constant as the deep of the oceans. Differently from marine species, which live in constant darkness, most of the known terrestrial bioluminescent species are active during a limited time, which goes from the dusk through the night. Luminescence is used for a variety of communicative functions including sexual attraction, prey attraction, defense and illumination".

Shih Chieh Huang got particularly fascinated by bioluminescent marine animals, and his installations resemble "synthetic microcosmos", artificially reproducing natural patterns.